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A little about us

Sophie Neal

I want to cover as many directions and points of view that exist in modern dream psychology as possible. Therefore, I constantly read books and regularly attend seminars on the psychology of dreams. I sincerely believe that dreams are not only a door to the inner world of every person but also an opportunity to look under the veil of the Universe and understand God’s plan.

Derek Lawson

I draw my skills from personal experience and work with people but also from books on esotericism and the psychology of dreams. At a certain point, I realized that I could share my accumulated knowledge with others through my own blog. In this way, I can provide you with the necessary tools so that you can interpret your dreams on your own and find answers to exciting questions.

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Our Mission Statement

We decided to combine our efforts and experience and create our own website, where we publish articles of our own authorship and talk about what signs the Universe can send you in your dreams. After all, all these images reflect what is hidden in the subconscious and what doesn’t show itself when you are awake.

Join us and stay tuned for blog updates if you, like us, believe that dreams directly reflect what really bothers you. We strive to improve constantly and become better than yesterday, so we are open to any questions and suggestions.

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