Fun in Brooklyn: The Summer Guide to the Coolest Things to Do

After months of wobbling in snowy quiet Brooklyn streets, and dressing in layers to keep warm, the sun is finally smiling at us! The long-awaited summer season is here and Brooklyn is ready to get lively with buzzing activities! 

From an afternoon spent bonding with nature in front of a beach to watching an outdoor show or strolling down a walkway, Brooklyn is stuffed with activities to make summer fun. 

Here’s a bucket list of the top 10 things to do in Brooklyn this Summer!

1. Get Adventurous in the Coney Island

What’s a break in Brooklyn without a visit to Coney Island? The historic site offers spectacular views of the ocean get lost in the refreshing breeze while watching the ocean waves. 

That’s not all! The island is full of life during the summer months  – there are a lot of events, fireworks, and concerts.  The annual Mermaid Parade is an eccentric yet exciting event that happens every June featuring adults and kids dressed as Mermaids and Mermen.

Take a ride of the iconic cyclone at Luna Park and arouse the thrill in you, watch a game on the boardwalk, or spend a Friday night watching fireworks at the beach.

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2. Attend Music Concerts

Brooklyn hosts multiple musical concerts in summer many of which are free. Grab your calendar & get ready to go high with your favorite beats! There are a lot of outdoor concerts all summer round from the Celebrate Brooklyn at Prospect Park to SummerStage in Central Park and Sunset Sounds in Industry City.

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3. Bike across the Brooklyn Bridge

This time not a walk! Grab your bicycle and a bottle of water and get ready to experience the charm of the legendary Brooklyn Bridge. Ride slowly and have an unparalleled view of the city while enjoying the shining sun. 

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4. Go Boating 

Ready to get into the waters? Enjoy Kayaking in the Jamaican Bay – inarguably one of the most cool things to do in Brooklyn. Get into a free boat right off the Brooklyn Bridge park & enjoy the service of expert guides that help you paddle the water safely.

5. Get Lost on Governors Island 

Breeze on a ferry from Brooklyn to Governors Island. Rent a car on or a bike and spend the day exploring this old historic site. Make inquiries on when the Island is open and offer special tours. 

Peek into the past and wander around the abandoned buildings of the Island. Climb the hill and have a good view of the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan. 

If you’re on a family trip, the kids will be super excited to glide down the slides! 

6. Cool down on a Public Beach or Pool

One of the best ways to have fun in Brooklyn during summer is by spending the day in a public pool or beach.

The pools are accessed free by the general public from 11 am to 7 pm every day starting from 28th June with an hour cleaning break between 3 pm and 4 pm. Among the best are Douglas and DeGraw Pool, Betsy Head Pool, and McLaren Park Pool.

For beach enthusiasts, you can spend the day sand bathing and watching water waves at Brighton Beach or Coney Island Beach.

7. Watch Movies Outdoors 

Grab your favorite snacks, and a pack of popcorn, and get ready to enjoy blockbuster movies outdoors! There are many outdoor theaters in Brooklyn in the Summer and the coming months, most are free to attend except if you’re buying a snack or drink on-site.

Offered around the week from May through October these outdoor theatres show all genres of movies. 

Rush to  Coney Island Flicks on the Beach on Mondays. Enjoy Movies with a view at Pier 1’s Harbor View Lawn on Thursday and round up the week with an outdoor movie at Narrows Botanical Garden on Friday.

The Prospect Park open theater has spread a red carpet for you to watch movies together with the twinkling stars and a serene view of nature.

8. Relax in a Brooklyn Beer Hall

Do you want to have a taste of different wines in a traditional NYC beer hall setting? Various places in Brooklyn offer a variety of imported and locally made beers.

The Brooklyn Brewery located in Williamsburg is among the most famous and one of the best breweries in New York City. It has a large beer hall and allows you to bring food from outside to enjoy with their freshly brewed beer.

Head to Biergarten and Radegast Hall to have a taste of some great American and German beers. Other beer halls worth visiting are the Kings County Brewers Collective and Spuyten Duyvil.  

9. Have a taste of detectable at Smorgarsburg 

This is for the foodies! Smorgarsburg unofficially announces the arrival of Summer in New York. This year the food bazaar is back with dozens of vendors and a wide variety of cuisine. 

Happening in three locations – World Trade Center, Williamsburg and Prospect Park, 2024 Smorgarsburg is going to be the biggest lineup since 2024. 

The Smorgasburg WTC starts on the 5th of April and will run on Fridays, that of Williamsburg opens on the 6th of April and will run on Saturdays while Smorgasburg Prospect Park hits a start on the 7th of April and runs each Sunday after. All three locations are open from 11 am to 6 pm, April through October.

10. Explore DUMBO

DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is a popular neighborhood in Brooklyn known for its top-notch apartments, upmarket shops, and epic waterfront views of Manhattan. 

Tour the front street to get a view of this beautiful neighborhood, run off to the Brooklyn Flea, and shop for vintage accessories and local crafts. Stop by the archway and you might be lucky to see a live music concert or an art workshop. 

Don’t forget to grab a pizza for lunch at the famous Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. Make your trip complete by riding the iconic Jane’s Carousel! 

Brooklyn is full of life and bursting with activities all summer to warm you up after the cold days of winter. From boat riding to swimming on a public beach, visiting historic landmarks, and getting thrilled at amusement parks, Brooklyn has a thing for all ages all summer round. 

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