Sacred Spaces: Creating a Secure Haven for Spiritual Practices

Cultivating inner peace can be challenging amidst chaos or clutter in our surroundings. Cleaning becomes an unavoidable daily task, offering a perfect opportunity to connect with everything we focus on. By giving full attention and staying present in each cleaning task, we can transform it into a form of bhakti yoga. Chanting mantras, affirmations, or sending love and light to specific individuals or the world, all while cleaning, deepens this spiritual practice.

You know that spiritual sanctuaries are not any specific place. Perhaps creating sacred places right inside your home. You can prepare serene meditation spaces in a separate room, hall, or even at work. Here are mindful practices to help you.

#1 Declutter

Clearing clutter has been scientifically proven to be a powerful therapy for initiating transformation in one’s life. Moreover, it often unveils unexpected treasures. During a recent bout of spring cleaning, my husband stumbled upon a long-forgotten antique bass violin tucked away in the spare bedroom. He promptly sold it for a whopping $4,500! Talk about a windfall!

Granted, decluttering can feel daunting when faced with an abundance of accumulated possessions. However, once you get rid of your space and life of the old and unwanted, you create room for new possibilities. Looking for love? Begin by decluttering your closet. Expanding your family? It may be time to give that spare bedroom a fresh coat of paint.

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#2 Surround yourself with the right items

Decorate your space with inspiring quotes, spiritual symbols, soothing music, plants, and other items that uplift your spirit. This is how your sacred spaces are formed. When stresses arise, connecting with our spiritual selves provides a wellspring of strength to draw from.

Creating a sacred space doesn’t require specific statues or material purchases. You can utilize items easily found around you, like petals, fallen leaves from the garden, or expired herbs. Arrange them in a circle with a candle at the center, keeping it simple yet beautiful. Incorporating natural elements with objects around you adds to its charm.

Your sacred space can be as small as a shelf, window sill, or even a bedside table, where you can gather a few meaningful objects. It could also extend to an entire room or be set up in your garden or a drawer. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to create this space. What truly matters is the devotion you invest while creating and tending to it.

#3 Fill the place with sacred energy

Spending more time in your sacred space enhances its sacred energy. When envisioning your altar or other sacred space, you focus your sacred energy through it, directing your connection with your soul or the sacred.

One way is to create a spiritual sanctuary design that is comfortable for you. Another way is to watch light and spiritual movies on Netflix in your sanctuary. Positive thoughts make a place more comfortable and enjoyable. Movies can help you.

Decipher the Riddles of Your Dreams: Select a Tarot Card and Unveil Their Hidden Meanings!
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#4 Create a ritual

After establishing your sacred space, how do you plan to pay homage to it? Will you dedicate a few minutes every morning to meditating? Perhaps you prefer sitting with closed eyes, indulging in peaceful moments? Your chosen ritual can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, as long as it holds personal significance.

#5 Beauty

Beauty serves as a portal to the soul, evoking feelings of awe and opening our hearts. Whether it’s a blooming rose or any other captivating element of our sacred space, beauty has the power to awaken and connect us. Its ability to unlock the depths of our inner selves makes it an eternal gateway to the soul. You can order something beautiful and it will be part of your sacred space. Just always use a VPN (click) before shopping to protect yourself. If the purchase goes smoothly and you love the item, then this item will be the perfect addition to your sanctuary.

#6 Add plants

Enrich your surroundings with vibrant plants and flowers to invigorate your space with energy, vibrant hues, and abundant oxygen. lavender and purple signify spirituality, pink embraces the heart, green fosters nature’s equilibrium, and yellow enhances well-being.

#7 Separate the space with a screen

Emphasize the significance of the environment as a haven by hanging a screen, beads, or a billowy curtain. This sanctuary is a precious space where one can seek inner guidance, acquire knowledge, engage in creative activities like writing, drawing, painting, or simply enjoy the melodious songs of birds outside.


Carve out a tranquil haven in your home, which promotes serenity and rejuvenation through the creation of sacred space. It’s a straightforward yet profoundly gratifying endeavor. If you’re already nurturing a sacred space, I’d be sincerely interested in learning about it. And if I’ve sparked the desire within you to embark on this journey, please do share how you’ve bestowed personal significance upon it.

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